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Composer of the Month

Benjamin Britten



Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, with narration: 



Four Sea Interludes from the opera Peter Grimes:




There are a lot of different percussion instruments in this picture. Here are the names of a few of them: 

 A - Marimba

B - Tom-tom - a type of drum

C - Conga (the small metal cymbals on top of the drum are called crotales)

D - Drum set - these are often used in various types of bands and have several different types of percussion instruments organized together so that one person can play them.

E - Tambourine

F - Snare drum

G -Tam-tam - a type of gong

H - Temple blocks

I - Roto-toms

J - Egg shaker


Marimba concerto No. 2 by Emmanuel Sejourne: 


Ravel's Bolero (note the snare drum at the beginning, and throughout):



Philip Glass, Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra:


Bucket percussion: The DePauw Percussion Ensemble - "Bucket Drumming" by Patrick Speranza  



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