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Antonin Dvorak

Born: 1841 - Died: 1904

To hear how to pronounce his name:


Dvorak's Music


New World Symphony

1st Movement


4th Movement - As you listen, what does the music remind you of? What instruments do you hear playing? What emotions do you feel listening to it - excited, sad, happy, etc.?


Cello Concerto



Slavonic Dances

Op. 46, No. 1 in C major:

Orchestra version:


Piano version: how does it sound different from the orchestra?



Op. 72, No. 2 in E minor:



Piano Duet:



Humoresque - This one may sound familiar. Did you realize it was composed by Dvorak?


Great Women Pianists

Rosalyn Tureck - J.S.Bach, Prelude and Fugue in A Minor


Rosina Lhevinne - Chopin Piano Concerto No.1 3rd Movement


Teresa Carreno




Memorize these simple melodies away from the piano. Look at each example and try to find all the little details, such as: 1. Shape of the melody and where it changes direction 2. Intervals between notes 3. Repeating patterns. Then try to play them on the piano and see how you did. Go to the article in this issue for more tips.

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