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Saint Saens
Recommended recordings

The Best of Saint-Saens (Philips Duo, 1994)
Carnival of the Animals, French National Orchestra (Emi Classics, 2012)
Saint Saens: Dance Macabre, Etc. (London, Decca, 1992)
Complete Violin Concertos (Brilliant Classics, 2012)

Beginner's Corner
Elements of musical notation – extra practice:
Find a simple piece of music and have your students mark parts of the musical score: grand staff, treble clef, bass clef, tempo marking, bar line, measure, double bar line.

Metronome Practice
Many students have difficulties focusing on the metronome beat and sticking to it. It is just another element they have to juggle along with notes, rhythms, and fingerings. However, try not to put this skill off for the future; there are ways to introduce the metronome and develop a habit of using it even in the very beginning of piano lessons. For best results, start out with very simple examples and set the metronome at a slow speed. The examples should have very simple rhythms at first, with quarter notes and longer values, and very simple melodic patterns, such as steps. This way students won't have to think too hard about the music and will be more likely to listen to the ticks of the metronome.

Emil Gilels
Recommended recordings
Icon Emil Gilels, a set of 9 discs (EMI Classics, 2010)
Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2, Debussy, Prokofiev (Ica Classics, 2012)
The Russian Archives – Emil Gilels Plays Beethoven Piano Concertos, 3-disc set (Brilliant Classics, 2011)


Answers to October Puzzles

Word Scramble (page 4)
Paris, Liszt, Carnival, Swan, Camille, Saint-Saens

Quiz (page 15)
1. a 2. a 3. Carnival of the Animals, Danse Macabre, other answers accepted. 4. c 5. b

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