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Marching Band Techniques by Patrick Dunnigan
Practical suggestions from one of the country’s leading marching authorities in this revised edition will give fresh ideas to all school directors. From early marching rehearsals to pitfalls to avoid in planning a show, this is a primary reference for school marching band directors. A wealth of fine photographs and detailed charts clarify each point.

Both new directors and seasoned veterans will find valuable advice in this book. 134 pages, hardcover, $18. For college classes, 5 or more copies are $10.80 each. (Add $5 shipping for single copies; call for shipping on multiple copies.)

$18 plus shipping.  ($10.80 each plus shipping for 5 or more copies)



New Director's Handbook
Some of the best articles from the pages of The Instrumentalist for prospective or beginning directors are collected in this publication.  Veteran directors share their experiences to give practical advice to those just starting their careers.  Proven solutions on matters ranging from discipline to choosing music to fundraising make this volume an essential resource for new directors.

$8 plus shipping.  ($5 each plus shipping for 5 or more copies)



Motivation, Confrontation, and Inspiration:  Suggestions and Advice from a Veteran School Teacher by Shirley Strohm Mullins
Above and beyond the art of music lies the art of teaching.  This collection of Shirley Mullins' articles focuses not on teaching music, but on teaching musicianship.  Her unique insights will help directors address problems with their programs that go beyond notes, rhythms, balance, and blend.  Included are articles on developing good attitudes in ensembles, motivating apathetic musicians, confronting problem students, and preparing an ensemble to apply for and perform at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic.

$5 plus shipping.  ($3 each plus shipping for 5 or more copies)



First Lessons on Each Instrument
Concise, practical chapters explain the basic good habits to teach beginners during their first lessons.  Most chapters are written by a pair of authors, one a top performer on the instrument and the other a veteran teacher.  Chapters include information on embouchure, posture and holding the instrument, good breathing technique, selecting an instrument and mouthpieces, and intonation.  This pocket-sized book is an invaluable reference for directors.

$8 plus shipping.  ($5 each plus shipping for 5 or more copies)


Arnold Jacobs:  The Legacy of a Master, compiled by M. Dee Stewart
Because Arnold Jacobs rarely wrote about his playing and teaching methods, this volume collects the comments and recollections of 33 students and colleagues of the legendary tubist and teacher.  Most students approached their first lessons with trepidation and left with their heads spinning.  Many spent hours writing down every word they could remember.  The insights that Jacobs shared with them present a fascinating story for all players.

$18 plus shipping.


Phillip Farkas:  The Legacy of a Master, compiled by M. Dee Stewart
As a performer, Philip Farkas defined orchestral horn playing in the 20th century.  His years of teaching and writing created an influence not only on horn players but on the entire music world.  This volume looks at the man and his career through the eyes of his students, fellow musicians, and close friends.  His reminiscences of conductors and orchestras are included along with excerpts from his writings on horn playing and musicianship.

$7 plus shipping.  ($12 plus shipping for 3 copies)


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